geneMy name is Gene Smithson. I have been practicing martial arts for 33 years. I hold black belts in several styles of karate. And I have trained Chinese boxing, BJJ, JDK, Aikido and reality combatitives as well. In 2002 I traveled to China and studied Qigong with Prof Teng Ying Bo. Upon returning to the USA I began studying Tai Chi with Stan Rossi, who is greatly missed.

Like a lot of other people I first saw Vladimir Vasiliev on the Internet and decided Systema needed to be experienced first hand. Upon meeting Vladimir, my life practice was set. I train Systema combatitives as a path towards health, wholeness, freedom and ultimate expression in martial art. I practice Tai Chi and qigong as solo practices. For me I have found a practice which feels like home.

I continue to train and study under the direction of Vladimir Vasiliev and am deeply grateful to him for bringing Systema to North America.

Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding Systema or Tai Chi as I practice them. My email address is