Tai Chi & Qi Gong

for taichi pageWe practice the Yang family long form as taught to me by Stan Rossi. We train qigong forms taught to me by Prof. Teng Ying Bo and Jesse from Tao Yoga as well as a few practices gleaned from seminars over the years.

Taijiquan means supreme ultimate fist. It is in fact a potent martial art consisting of close quarters striking and grappling. Most widely thought of as a method of moving meditation, Tai Chi is a sophisticated form of moving qigong. We train the form and push hands and well as other qigong exercises and health methods.

Qigong, simply put, is the study of, the crafting of, the cultivation of chi (or qi). Our focus here is on a true experience of the subtle energies of the body and the environment.

My approach to these arts is SIMPLE. It is my understanding that depth of practice is ultimately more important the breadth and so we do very simple exercises and strive to understand through quality rather than quantity.

I really love the Chinese internal arts and I enjoy training and sharing them with others.